Innovative processes for high-quality carbon components

To produce high-quality composite components, Wethje uses various process and manufacturing technologies which are targeted to the relevant component requirements and planned production quantities.

With the machines and equipment at our disposal, Wethje is also able to produce large components with dimensions up to 12 x 4 m (autoclave technology) and 2.5 x 1.5 m (RTM technology).

Prepreg Autoclav

Prepreg Out of Autoclav




Vacuum Fusion

Lost-Wax Process


  • In-house paint shop with an area of around 400 m²
  • 22 employees
  • Painting preparation (150 m²)
  • Painting area (130 m²)
  • Water-based paints and paints containing solvents, depending on our customers’ requirements
  • Finish and QA area (120 m²)

In the area of visible carbon, we supply renowned manufacturers from the automotive, motorcycle and aerospace industry.

Testing equipment

Light Tunnel

  • Dimensions: 4500 mm x 3200 mm
  • State-of-the-art LED light technology
  • Programming according to customer-specific brightness values

Mitutoyo 3D Coordinate Measurement Machine

  • Measurement area: X 1200 mm / Y 2000 mm / Z 1000 mm
  • Workpiece weight: max. 2000 kg

Wenzel 3D Coordinate Measurement Machine

  • Measurement areaX 3500 mm / Y 1300 mm / Z 1800 mm
  • Workpiece weight: max. 3400 kg