Two sites for international success in the carbon composite industry

At our two locations in the German state of Bavaria (Hengersberg and Vilshofen/Pleinting), around 300 employees design, produce and sell the products and services of Wethje Carbon Composites. This hard-working people and their efforts enabled the company to increase its turnover to 30 million Euros. To facilitate future development and seize opportunities for growth in the carbon composite industry, a modern production structure for CFRP serial parts was created with the expansion of the plant in Pleinting. The plant in Hengersberg specialises in tool making, mould making and the manufacture of complex carbon composite structures for individual production.

Details on our plant in Hengersberg

  • CFRP tools and fixture construction
  • Aerospace
  • Racing
  • Prototypes
  • Small series and special applications
  • 100 employees
  • 3,000 m² of production space
  • 7 autoclaves
  • 1 CNC machining centre
  • 4 milling robots + 1 water jet cutting robot

Contacting Wethje Carbon Composites GmbH
Donaustr. 35
94491 Hengersberg
E-Mail: info[at]
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