Wolfgang Krassnitzer – Company management

Mr Wolfgang Krassnitzer studied tool and fixture engineering. After his studies, Mr. Krassnitzer began his career in procurement and sales of technical seals.

In his second position, Mr. Krassnitzer set up the production of windsurfing boards for “HiFly”. During this time, he gathered extensive and valuable experience in the field of plastics with the technologies blowing, foaming, injecting and assembly, but also deep drawing and in the production of boards with glass and carbon fibre as well as epoxy resins.

Mr Krassnitzer’s career then led him to medium-sized enterprises in the automotive supplier industry. He began as a factory manager, and was then responsible for production for 25 years in his capacity as a managing director. The main challenge in this position was the responsibility for 12 locations around the globe with over 4000 employees. For several years, Mr Krassnitzer mainly focused on the cooperation in China, Japan and Mexico.

Mr Krassnitzer is married and has 3 children. He has been living in Deggendorf for the past 14 years.