Welcome Day bei der Wethje GmbH


On 10/10/2017, it was time to welcome new employees to Wethje once again. The so-called “Welcome Day” gave our colleagues comprehensive insights into many different areas and departments of Wethje. Among others, the engineering department (Mr Schwitz), sales department (Mr Thielitz), production department (Mr Usselmann), QA (Mr Bögl), the order centre (Mr Klimstein), the logistics department (Mr Vaterl) and the project management department (Mr De Vitis) introduced themselves.

The basic responsibilities of the departments were explained, and it was demonstrated how important it is to work together as a team. Mr Usselmann then took the employees on a guided tour through the production facilities in Pleinting and showed them the main work steps and work processes of various areas. The interesting and informative day ended in the early afternoon.

We are looking forward to the upcoming welcome days for many new colleagues.

welcome day wethje

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